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Open Graphics is Over

After a year of Opengraphics we have to end this free service.
It's a matter of time (only one graphician was behind all this), motivation and resources.

We thank who has thanked us for our work,
we hope to have provided something worth to who has contacted us.

There's always a right way to thank, we hope somebody has actually tried it.

Open What?


Consider Open Graphics as Open Software.
Apply to Open Graphics an equivalent for graphic artwork of the GPL license.
These graphics:
- Can be freely used and redistributed;
- Whatever the use you should credit and possibily link Coresis's Open Graphics site;
- Copyright of the images is by Coresis.

Coresis has made Open Graphics for the following projects:

RoxOS - Logo Design
- Logo and graphics design
OpenClinic - Logo Design
Jabbex - Logo design
Abiertos - Web logo
OSEC - Logo design
OSSI - Logo design
MRTG - Graphics for a t-shirt
DEBIAN MED - Logo design
DEBIAN JR - Logo design
TIGER - Logo design
LINUX DAY - Poster design
FSF - GNU - Banner and pictures
KAIZEN - Logo design
ECDL LIBRE - Logo design
E2E LINKS - Logo design
ARIZONA DREAM - Logo design
WALNUT - Logo design
FM - Logo design
WINGS OF LINUX - Sample Project Logo design
PLIO - Logo design
LINUX DERGISI .TK - Logo design
GEPPO ZONE - Logo design

Open Graphics